Matt McCandless

Matt was born and raised in Utah and started his career in technology as a risk analyst for an industry leading online marketplace. His work allowed him to travel the country to meet and interact with online sellers directly to help them ensure their online infrastructure provided the highest levels of security for both them and their clients. Identifying a key technology deficiency in the SMB space Matt pivoted and created a string of companies all attempting to use technology to improve the lending experience for both banks and borrowers. Common Funding was the first of those companies to find success documenting the often complex and obscure requirements of the lending industries vast set of lending options and cataloging them for their customers. Today Common Funding’s list of partners exceeds 20 and is growing every day. Matt’s duties as President have taken him out of the lending side of the business but he still interacts directly with his long term clients and year to date has been responsible for $5M in capital fund raising.