Conor Levetan

Conor is a Utah native and started his career consulting with local car washes looking to expand into service areas outside of the Salt Lake Valley. Conor was quickly recruited by a nationwide chain to lead an expansion effort into the Bay Area directly overseeing the installation and training of 5 new franchises up and down the West Coast. Working directly with small business owners helped Conor understand the passion these men and women have for their projects and the road blocks they face bring their visions forward. Conor quickly identified capital acquisition as one of the key hurdles to helping his clients fully realize their dream. Conor was recruited by Common Funding in 2016 to help identify the key problems small business owners face when starting their companies and to develop a specially tailored set of programs to help. Year to date Conor has been responsible for more than $10M in capital funding for small and medium sized businesses.

Funding Manager

10+ Million